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In order to use Chimple with MATLAB, you need:
  • Java
  • MATLAB - Not necessary if you only want to use Chimple as a Java API.
  • Dimple 
If you would like to build Chimple from source you also need

Step by step instructions for using Chimple with MATLAB

  1. Install Dimple (Make sure you rename the directory "dimple")
  2. Download Chimple
  3. Unzip and put it in the same parent directory as Dimple
  4. Start MATLAB
  5. In MATLAB, navigate to your new Chimple directory.
  6. Execute the startup.m script in the Chimple directory.
  7. Verify chimple has been installed properly by executing "testChimple".  This MATLAB function will run a suite of tests. 
  8. Learn about Chimple.  Read the documentation in the doc directory and check out the code in the demos directory.

Using Chimple as a Java Library

If you want to use Chimple as a java API, you need to download chimple and include all of the jar files in chimple/lib and all jar files in dimple/solvers/lib.  The Java API is not currently as well documented as the MATLAB API.